“Despite the complexity of our wedding, Your Day by J & K did a superb job making sure everything went smoothly!”
Bahaar H.
“They worked with the caterer, florist, DJ, and production company… all we had to do was say yes or no.”
Leslie D.
“They went beyond our expectations and intent for the wedding, picking up where others would fall, bringing new ideas to the table, and ensuring everything was done…”
Cullen F.
“At our first meeting, they asked to get to know us which was a nice personal touch because they really want to know you outside of the big day.”
Dana K.
“Take my advice and hire someone who knows what they are doing and who will make sure you have the wedding of your dreams.”
Pam K.
“Always professional, prompt, calm, friendly, and best of all, effective at their jobs.”
Emily H.

About Us

Logistics are our life. If you can believe it, planning, organization and putting out fires is our idea of an awesome work environment! However, the best part of loving logistics is that we get to enjoy seeing the happiness & fun that results from a couple being able to let go of the stressful details and live in their special moment!

Jayne Shim

jayne@yourdaybyjandk.com(714) 319-5784
Event Experience: A range of events from wedding, private social events, corporate, and high school events for the past 8 years.

What I love about weddings: No matter how simple or elaborate a wedding is, I love that the couple’s story is shown throughout their day. Seeing all the friends and family who are there to celebrate with the couple is always fun. I especially love making sure the couple is having fun and being able to enjoy their special day.

Joseph Fong

joseph@yourdaybyjandk.com(626) 272-8827
Event Experience: 10 years of various event planning experience in the wedding, corporate, and non-profit world!

What I love about weddings: I’m a sucker for weddings. Probably why I enjoy doing them. One of my favorite moments is when the bride enters down the aisle, most people always look at the groom to get catch that first look — but I always try to sneak a peek at the parents of the bride and groom. Seeing the joy and how proud they are of their kids — it always gets me. I’m sure Kim and Jayne can attest, I’m probably the bigger sap of the 3 of us!

Kim Hayashi

kim@yourdaybyjandk.com(714) 293-4082
Event Experience: 14 years of various events in the non-profit sector, fundraising, sports & recreation, proms, leadership training conferences and, of course, weddings!

What I love about weddings: The best part of doing weddings is getting to know the couples and their stories… hearing them describe their ideal wedding… and mostly getting to see those little moments where they truly enjoy each other throughout the whirlwind of their big day. I’m a softie (not as much as Joseph though!)… and tear up at every touching moment!

Day of Wedding Services

Our Day Of Wedding Coordination Package is designed with each individual couple in mind, offering a customized and tailored experience to ensure your wedding is as special and unique as you!

  • Director & Assistant Director
  • “Getting to Know You” Meeting with Director
  • Vendor Referral & Coordination
  • Contract Consultation
  • Rehearsal Direction
  • Unlimited email & phone communication
  • With you from start to finish of your big day!

For all other events, please inquire at info@yourdaybyjandk.com

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